So you want a dog and you have your heart set on one of the new "designer" breeds? Labradoodle? Pomchi? Have you been searching the internet for the perfect breeder from which to buy your perfect pooch?

Let me break this to you gently:

They're not "breeds", they're not "hybrids", and they're not new and trendy.

They're MUTTS.

The same mixes that have been making headlines lately have been turning up in our shelter system for years upon years.

Why would you shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for a dog you can adopt for anywhere between - or so from your local pound, rescue, or shelter? I know, I know. Your response is going to be "but those are just mutts, these are BRED to be just this way and look and act just like this. It's not the same!"

My response? I have here 7 pairs of the most popular designer dogs around today. One of each pair is directly from a breeder. The other is a rescue or shelter dog of completely unknown origin. Try it out. Pick out which is which. I dare you.

And if you're shocked by the results... think once more about buying from that breeder, and give the dogs at your nearby shelter another chance at life.


people have tried their hand at distinguishing "mutts" and "Designer breeds"

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