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D says

I am more than a uterus

(Sticker, shirt, postcard, bag)


Gay is the new black

(Shirt, sticker, button, hat, mousepad)

Just think about it

Non-stupid pet owner's mantra

(Sticker, shirt, postcard, bag)

Distress signal

(Shirt, sticker, button, hat, mousepad)


Bitterness: The anti-sticker

(Sticker, button, shirt)

Mr. Ribbon Frowny Face came about after discovering that Wingdings actually had a font that produced the ribbon curl... and that it was being abused on messageboards all over the 'net.

Support Our Chain Stores

(Sticker, shirt, mug, button)

Especially those selling the yellow ribbon stickers. Yeah. Um.


(Shirt, sticker, sweatshirt, button)

It seems like buying multi-ton vehicles is the only way some people can prove their masculinity.

fish tank!

(Sticker, button, shirt)

I'm a freakishly avid aquarist, and I like parodying things. 'Nuff said.

There are other fish-related designs, too! You can see a bichir gang, come check out my krib, or just kiss my wrasse

What a bunch of--

(Sticker, shirt, tote bag)

Text reads, "Breed bans are American Staffordshire Terrier ("pit bull") shit".

Scratch out declawing

(Sticker, button, shirt, poster)

I really rather enjoy having ALL the joints in my hands and feet. Cats do too.

Sanctity of marriage?

(Shirt, poster, tote bag, mouse bag, throw pillow)

For the full text of this item, click here.

Not a game, dammit

(Sticker, shirt, pillow, mousepad)

Up close the text says: "Trade 1 of the neglected animals in your care for 1 of the trendier pets from freecycle, craigslist, livejournal, or the newspaper. Show off new pet until bored, or something else comes into style. Repeat trading process as often as needed to stay cool."

I ♥ my furkids

(Sticker, button, shirt)

Text reads "So my kids have twice as many legs as yours. They also potty-trained twice as fast. You were saying..?".

For the last time

(Sticker, button, shirt)

Text reads "The next person to ask 'so when are you having kids?' gets strangled with a tampon".

A says

Learning to share

(Bumper sticker, button, shirt)

Some people have trouble with this.

Well, they do

(Bumper sticker, button, shirt)

No comment

A sentiment both Atheists and Christians can agree on

(Bumper sticker, shirt, hat, tote bag)

"And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men..." -- Jesus


(Bumper sticker, shirt, hat, tote bag)

Turning our attention to music for a moment...


(Bumper sticker, shirt, hat, tote bag)

I like steak.

Remember April 24

(Bumper sticker, shirt, hat, tote bag)

"Why April 24?", you say.
"Exactly." I say.

Segmentation fault

(Bumper sticker, shirt, hat, tote bag)


Available in black or white terminal versions.

Any programmers in the audience will get this one.

(If you don't get it: You know those "illegal operation" errors your computer gives you from time to time? This is how to make one happen.)

"Patriotism" / "Nationalism"

(Sticker, shirt, tote bag, mug)

Okay, a little different from some of the other stuff. This was my sig on a certain website for awhile and somebody asked me to make it into a sticker.

A somewhat less wordy version is here:


(Sticker, button, shirt)

In memoriam reality


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